Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tales from the Bus: Multiple entries - July

July 7th - I'm sitting next to a tippy sleeper again! But he's not very big so if he falls over it won't hurt so bad! Hahahahaha!

July 8th - I don't think I have ever seen grown adults push and shove to be first in line! Um hello???? How old are we?
3 women r talking about the shooting in the grove and all of them have a diferent story and keep arguing with each other about what happened. Um were you dummies there? Probably not!

July 9th - I just heard a girl on the bus say that she was 12 years old in 1998! Man we are old!

July 16th - I noticed this morning that the taxi drivers downtown sit on the side of the street like vultures!

July 21st - it was late, traffic sucked and i'm going to be late.
standing room only today and I have 2 guys standing next to wear I'm sitting...please don't fart! Ha!

July 22nd - Hwy 61 can kiss my @$$!!!!
full house again this morning and the 3 people left standing in the aisle are women. Of course, no men gave up their seats.

July 28th - there is a guy who rides his bike to the park n ride and sitting on the ground waiting, reading a book with his bike helmet on!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

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