Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tales from the Bus: Multiple entries - June

Hi guys!  So I'm going to puttin in mutliple entries today so I can get caught up.  Keep in mind I started my new job at the end of May, so we have lots of catching up to do!  Enjoy!

June 1st - So I got on the bus and accidentally put my temporary pass in the money slot....seriously I'm dumb!

June 5th - Just saw someone riding a motorcycle in a poncho!

June 14th - So it was looking good and we were going to hit the park n ride in the grove before 5:30. But since hwy 61 is down to one lane it probably won't be until 6! Damn u road construction!

June 15th - So I was just in line to get on the bus and someone actually complained that other people were going ahead of her...really????

June 21st - Traffic sucks today! At this rate I'm going to be late for work and I'm on the bus!

June 22nd - So much for a 745 start time...still on the bus stuck in traffic. At least I don't have to drive.

June 23rd - So I just got on to the bus but as I was getting out of my truck, I noticed someone paying really close attention to a few of us getting out of our vehicles. He proceeded to walk across the parking lot looking behind him as if he was up to something. Hmmmm.....

June 24th - There's this chick on the bus who thinks she's better than everyone else and is always such a byoch! Life is too short to act like that all the time.

June 25th - Tales from the bus..... So this dude sitting next to me keeps falling asleep and has almost toppled over either onto the floor or!!!!

June 29th - Here is the forecast for the bus this morning...crowded with a chance of butts in your face!
Tales from the bus-part 2: sitting next to a stinky smoker and I think I might vomit! The eyes are watering!

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